• High Flyers
    are made
    , not born

You launched
your startup

and you are looking
for a new challenge

Next step

You are an overachiever
in your job

and you want
to step up

Next step

You've been a consultant
for the past years

and you want to find
the perfect job

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You all have something in common :

You are High Flyers
We do understand you

Do you have what it takes to be a High Flyer ?

People often ask elite performers : "How did you do it ?"
If they’re lucky to get an answer at all, it’s usually not what they want to hear. It’s either too simple or quite blurry. You can even see the disappointment on their face because they were hoping for some kind of secret formula to easily apply in their own life.
Here’s my answer: really, really want it. Because it won’t be easy. You will have to fight hard to climb the ladder and reach your goals.
On top of really wanting it, you will also have to demonstrate a set of qualities that are inherent to true High Flyers.

Set goals & Reach excellence – People talk a lot about accomplishment. But then often overlook what it takes to get there. You must do the messy work and be excellent at it. Execution is what matters most. And details are what makes the difference.
Overachieve – There is no point in just reaching your goal. Outperforming them should be your main priority.
No pain No gain- When you begin feeling uncomfortable, that’s when you start feeling good. That’s when you’re growing. That’s your happy place. That’s where most people stop. But not you.
Be consistent - If you haven’t had your big break yet, keep going. Consistency is the most fundamental virtue to becoming the person you want to be. Almost everyone can sprint for a while. Most burn-out and quit. Everything meaningful in life is a marathon — meant to test your commitment and will.
Be enthusiastic – Life is short. You must laugh hard and enjoy every moment of it. Don’t forget: even the most insignificant things you do is a learning experience. Oh, and don’t complain. That’s a waste of time, it’s boring.
Stay humble – Anyone can fall. Falling is good: it draws lessons for the future. So, don’t look down on others. Ever. You never know what will happen next, and life is full of surprise.
Care – Not everything has to be done out of interest. Especially with people. Meaningful relationships are what matter most. Showing the people around you that you care about them and that you’re willing to put them first is the mark of a true leader. Great leaders are vulnerable and unselfish. Ultimately, they earn the respect of all.
Listen to people – Develop critical skills - on others and on yourself. Broaden your mind and surround yourself with talented people. Listening to others will make you grow. Letting them challenge your perception will make you even more legitimate.
One last thing : Always follow your guts (or instinct or heart, whatever you call it). It exists to protect you, so never deny it. Rely on it to make the good decisions.