TOP 10 – Recruitment fails

15 mai 2017 , team HFA

We launched High Flyers Agency in January 2016.

We have met hundreds of candidates. All of them were exceptional.

Some were even more exceptional than others. And we laughed a lot.


Time to share our best moments ==> Top 10 Recruitment Fails

 #10 When a candidate gives you the number of her mother for reference calls purposes. And when you realize it was her mother after a 20 minutes call when she says "she has been very determined ever since she was born". Duh.

 #9 When a candidate writes to you saying « you are the Louvres, and I am the one missing piece : La Joconde ». 

 #8  When one of your candidates sends you flowers everyday for a week because he « really felt something happening during the interview ».

 #7  When one of your bestfriend is a start-uppeur and stays at your office 6 months (full-time) because your team is full of amazing, beautiful and talented women.

 #6  When a candidate comes with his 3 kids because the babysitter never showed up. But the candidate handled the situation with talent (even feeding the baby during the interview!), and the team happily managed the kids.

 #5  When it takes you 6 months to develop a brand new website…and when 7 of your UX designer candidates call you for ultimate UX recommandations 😊

 #4 When one of your candidates calls you 2 days after her interview to tell you « I have to tell you something. Even my husband does not know yet. But the news might impact the recruitment process, so I had to call you first thing. I am pregnant ». We felt special 😊

 #3 When one of your favorite candidates for a job stops answering our phone calls. And when you finally discover that he left for a 6 month vacation in Thaïland...

 #2 When a candidate comes in for an interview and purposedly forgets his scarf…so that he can come back the next week to be sure his file was sent to the client.

 #1 When one of your clients calls to tell you that he found the best candidate ever. But that he won’t recruit her. Because…he fell in love with her and wants to date her.

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