The perfect presales is smart like Bill Gates, charismatic like Steve Jobs, and funny like Eddie Murphy.

22 mai 2017 , team HFA

We recently developed a Talent Acquisition Roadmap service for our clients.

Why ? Because we noticed that it’s usually very difficult to draw the perfect organisational structure.


One of the best case study is about pre-sales in the tech industry – and more precisely in companies that sell technical solutions (SAAS, integrators, or else).


Those clients commonly ask us to find the Perfect Key Account Manager (aka Sales).


While talking to them, we constantly insist on their need to hire top KAM AND amazing pre-sales. Which are hard to find in France.

Let’s explain our point : Selling technical solutions is all about connecting the client’s business needs with your technology solutions.

Therefore, you need :

(1) Sales executive (non-technical)

(2) His/her technical partner (pre-sales) who is responsible to demonstrate the business value of a technical product to a prospective client. This is usually accomplished through demos, technical presentations, POC, etc.


The pre-sales engineer is responsible for achieving the “technical win”, and the sales executive is responsible for the business end of the contract.


How to recruit a good pre-sales ?

• Expect technical brilliance.

• Check his/her business acumen skills to close business and build strong trusted advisor relationships with your prospects and clients.


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