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"The team with the best players wins." Jack Welch

Eugénie Chaltiel

Founder & CEO chaltiel@highflyers.agency

Mathilde Néau

Operations Manager mathilde@highflyers.agency

Elise Moron

Operations Manager elise@highflyers.agency

Lilia Perret

Product Owner lilia@highflyers.agency

Victoire Dalban

Operations Manager victoire@highflyers.agency

Arthur Ferroli

Growth Hacker arthur@highflyers.agency

Maria Andrade

US consultant maria@highflyers.agency
For the past 2 years, we have had a deep conviction : companies need the best talents, and in return, talents are looking for exciting challenges.

We wanted to find clients able to understand our unique value proposition: change the norm in recruiting, refuse conformism, and most importantly, accept human potential instead of just looking for diplomas and past experiences. In order to achieve this, we approached successful, innovative start-ups and fast-growing companies.

We decided to focus on all business-oriented profiles (product, data, finance, marketing, etc) from Mid to C-level (i.e., Manager to CEO, with a salary range between 55k€ and 350k€) while being sector agnostic.

At first, we felt frustrated. Recruitment is not an industry many consider sexy. Instead, it seemed nobody likes headhunters. It bothered us. Now, we believe this status quo is irrelevant.

Headhunting is solely our business model.
Our goal is much broader: we connect people and help high-potential companies grow fast. We raise human equity and implement a new way of approaching Talent Acquisition.

Accordingly, some clients have requested us to provide them strategic & operational roadmaps in Serie A or B fundraising, countries roll-out, spin-offs, and IPO contexts. We developed a strong expertise and specific matrices to accelerate.

More than just a recruiting agency, we’ve become business partners.
Here’s something we have learnt so far: Financing is necessary and everybody talks about it.
Staffing your teams is as crucial, but few entrepreneurs realize it before it becomes an issue.
Working with HFA changes the game.

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