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Why work with us: Vision and Mission

Our purpose is to unlock the world’s potential by raising human equity. That’s what drives what we do, day in and day out.


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Eugénie Chaltiel

Cofounder & CEO

Mathilde Néau

Cofounder & COO

Edouard Rampsacher

Talent Strategist

Héloïse Le Mouël

Talent Strategist

Justine de La Giraudière

Talent Strategist

Charles Freitas Denke


Benjamin Dadi

Product Owner

Meredith Detko

Marketing & Talent Strategist

The Story

A word from our CEO

“Your hero’s journey is surely intertwined with ours.”

Every hero has a journey. It’s much more important than the destination. I’m immensely proud of where we are today, but it’s the winding road that brought us here that will show you who we are. Your hero’s journey is surely intertwined with ours. 


Here’s our story.


After starting out in law and switching to business, I found myself in a traditional finance position in a traditional company. I learned a lot but knew this wouldn’t be my career.


After having my first child, I decided to leave M&A. I wanted to do something different, life changing, business-rooted and out-of-the-box. I wanted to learn and find my “real path”.


I started my search on job boards, and to my surprise, I could not find anything exciting. Every job description out there seemed confusing and vague. I networked intensely, but my pitch wasn’t an easy sell. “Hello! I love challenges, I am ready to hustle and learn. Trust me! Hire me! And while we’re at it, please don’t underpay me!”?


Let’s be serious: it seemed like a lost cause.”

“I attented thirty-seven (yes, 37) interviews”

In the meantime, a lot of headhunters called me. I attended thirty-seven (yes, 37) interviews. After all, I had attended HEC Paris, Supaero and had majored in Finance – what a great profile to target! Sadly, because of my previous experiences in Finance, I was only proposed Finance roles. 


I tried hard to explain I wanted to do something different, particularly outside of the Finance world. They all seemed lost in translation. The conformism blew me away.


As I lost patience, I realised my pain points were similar to many others who relied on job boards and headhunters. I had an idea and I ran with it. No research, no business model. 100% drive. When I created High Flyers, I never thought I’d work in Talent Acquisition, but it was the first time I felt I could truly impact other’s lives.


Fast forward three years, we have a team of 15 awesome men and women who are as hungry for progress as I was on the very first day.

More than just headhunters

We are business partners, career boosters, strategy designers and recruitment growth hackers. We are here to liberate the world’s potential (just like you!) and stop at nothing to pave the way for the brightest companies and talent to take one step closer to purpose.