Ex startup founders: What next after the experience of a lifetime?

Jobs for failed or former startup founders

Once upon a time, you decided to become an entrepreneur.


Launching a start-up seemed obvious: you had a great idea, enough funds to cover your needs for at least a year, and you were ready to work hard day and night to make it work.


You have priceless skills and valuable competencies.


3 years later, it’s over.


It may sometimes feel like a failure, but we always get the most out of learning the hard way.


You applied both what you learned at school and gained valuable real-world skills: project management, P&L management, fundraising, recruitment, management, administration, etc.


After the ups and downs, it’s hard to imagine starting over completely. However, you’re ready to commit to a new project minus all the risks. Thus, you are looking for a job.


Despite your networking efforts, the problem is :


  • You haven’t found an adequate salary for you to become financially “stable “.

  • You do not fit in a box (that’s a good thing: we specialize in “out-of-the-box” profiles).

  • « Classic » and large companies just do not appeal to you.


So what to do after the entrepreneur life?


F.A.Q. of entrepreneurs

#1 I don’t know what type of position suites me anymore…


The reality > You are looking for an exciting position, with high impact and a strong entrepreneurial dimension.


HIGH FLYERS SOLUTION > We only offer positions with a strong entrepreneurial dimension in fast-growing companies: ambition and adaptability are necessary. You will commit to a challenging entrepreneurial project minus the risks and compromises on your personal life.


#2 You are afraid that your project’s failure will be perceived poorly


The reality > The mindset of the Paris and European job market is evolving. Rationalize what happened and focus on the positive output: What did you achieve? What mistakes did you make and what did you learn from them? It may seem vulnerable, but being able to accurately self-reflect and summarize your experience is key.


HIGH FLYERS SOLUTION > We have seen thousands of ex-startuppers. It is your role to nail a coherent pitch. Why not start with a medium post? By first embracing your failure in writing, you can transform it into an asset before the interview. We will, of course, take care of explaining your career to companies’ top management as well.


#3 You are not specialized enough


The reality > That may be true. You have a unique profile and so what?


HIGH FLYERS SOLUTION > Our mission: to structure your profile, to define your skills and convince the top management you are the match.


#4 You are afraid to lose your autonomy


The reality > During your entrepreneur life, you were your one and only boss. You were in charge of your team, your schedule, your project.


But the reality was different: you were completely chained to your clients, partners, employees… and your cash. Free, but not that worry-free, right?


HIGH FLYERS SOLUTION > We offer you high added value positions with strong perspectives. You will have to deal with ambitious (yet achievable) objectives. You will be completely independent in your daily work, yet mentored for maximal growth and efficiency.


#5 You think you will get bored in a company


The reality > This is a hasty generalization. Companies today are doing everything they can to engage top talent, even in the traditional corporate world. Consider first, then judge.


HIGH FLYERS SOLUTION > Our secret: we work hand-in-hand with our CEO’s and top management. Because we have a completely different mindset, we only work with fast-growing companies who share our values. We choose to work with companies with an appealing core business or an exceptionally challenging or ambitious opportunity. Therefore, our missions are never boring.



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