How to get hired remotely when you are a senior business profile?

Due to the Coronavirus, several start-ups froze their hiring plans. Ongoing recruitment processes are stopped, and some candidates are dismissed.


 “But, why give us tips if no one is recruiting now?”


Because several companies fare better than others. 24 of our clients not only told us they would continue their hiring search but also intensify their approach. They seize the opportunity to reach out to passive candidates and focus on making the right hire. 


They are currently hiring Chief Product Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Artistic Director, Lead Product Designer, Head of Sales and more. Take a look at all of our open opportunities

While this is good news, it forces all of us to tackle new challenges. 


And one of them is critical, how to successfully get hired remotely? 

And by that, we mean: How to go from the qualification interview to a signed contract, with no physical meetings at all? 


It has been done before 💡


It is not big news, remote-first companies like @trello, @lovebox, @buffer or @bearerSH have been doing it for a while now. 


Even companies like @American Express share their remote talent acquisition method: “Our entire talent acquisition process is handled remotely. Interviews are all conducted via telephone or video, and then employees are prepared for their role in a virtual learning environment that blends self-directed learning with group discussions in a video classroom.” (Quote from


What has been until now a company’s choice to lead a remote acquisition process, is becoming common practice. However, do not forget that some companies and candidates are more ready than others, let’s find out why.

  1. Remote is a culture in itself. Based on trust, it is a different way of collaborating. Ensuring its success in onsite-run companies (big or small!) will require more effort.
  2. Remote hiring works better for technical profiles. It is not inaccurate but quite a general statement. The underlying meaning is that it is easier to hire someone remotely whose hard skills score more points than soft skills.
  3. Remote hiring is for remote-work. Yes, if the candidate shows natural ease and skills during the remote interview process, he will more easily fit in a remote-run company. But what about hiring remotely someone who will most likely work onsite?


What about Senior Business Profiles like you? 🚀


At @High Flyers, we are doing our best to make remote-hiring work for the type of talent we are working with: Senior Profiles (C-levels). 


From CEOs in a start-up studio, Chief Product Officers to Artistic Director, these roles require hard skills (ex. experience building a SaaS product from scratch, running production of creative assets) but even more soft skills.  


These roles are mainly managerial and require leadership. For example, you will read in our job descriptions “As Chief Product Officer, you will lead an existing team of 6 product owners. You will recruit and develop the product department to reach objectives.” 


Thus, the hiring process will take into account your achievements, and the ability to get things moving. But mainly, the hiring process will end up with a signed contract only if they/you had a strong cultural and emotional fit.

And this is rarely done through a screen! 


Yes, that is what we say: Recruiting is like marriage, while a small part of it might be a logical match, most of it is chemistry. 


So, how do you show charisma through a screen? How do you reproduce chemistry remotely? 🤔


How to break the screen with charisma 🦁


I just read this from @hunterwalk on twitter (VC at @homebrew) “You *never* need to apologize if your child or pet jumps into the videoconference. We’re all human beings, just trying to hold it together during extraordinary times. I LIKE seeing your life. If we’re going to do business together, bring your whole self.” 

And we cannot agree more, authenticity can not be faked. 


The main advice we can give you is this: Reduce frustration as much as possible. We take feedback from our client after each meeting, and we get this sometimes “He’s good, really good. But I don’t know, there is just something that is not working. The fit might not be there.” Remote interviews can emphasize doubts. 


This breaks down into smaller tips : 

  1. Be ready. For the interview, obviously (by the way, this is a golden opportunity to keep your notes close!) . But also technically ready. Avoid the frustration with this scenario: “Can you hear me?”, “Sorry, I was on mute”, “Okay, I’ll just call you on your phone.” Get your meeting ready 10 minutes beforehand. Make sure you have everything you need: Fast internet, working camera, adequate visio tools like @zoom
  2. Instead of dropping the suit, drop the screen. You might *hide* behind a screen. But we need to feel your communication skills now more than ever. Can you think about your behavior if you met in person? Try to reproduce it as much as possible. (Also, make sure there is light in your room!)
  3. Be you 100%. Smile, laugh or do not. But stay true to yourself. Try to not get interrupted by your kid or pet if you think it will disturb you, but it is always good small talk material.

It sounds quite simple, but it might just make the difference. While the substance is essential, the form will reproduce chemistry we are looking for. 


PS: Also, you might want to wear your pants. We never know, it could be a stand-up interview 🤷


We think this is the future of hiring, even for Senior Business Profiles. So let’s make it happen together.


Let’s hope we can make this chemistry happen virtually. Meanwhile, the @HighFlyers team is always available for a virtual coffee to discuss: your last remote experience, your next move or anything to distract us from confinement! ☕


Happy to hear your vision & tips on this topic.

Excited to make this work! 

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