Lab Director for a start-up specialized in AI and computer vision


Sector: AI Robotics

Organization: +150 people

Core business: A perfect combination between Software, Hardware and AI to craft the most accomplish version of handling robots.

Ambitions: Deployment of connected autonomous vehicles in real industrial environment by addressing with an unprecedented knowledge the key complex topic of perception.

Key facts: The turnover tripled last year with a 3 digits growth in the last 2 years and more than 25M€ CA.


As the Director of the Global Perception Lab, you will have to take charge of the global strategy of two labs (one in Paris, one in Singapore) constituted by research engineers and PhD students notably to :

  • Develop, structure and manage the Perception Lab and activities;

  • Develop computer vision algorithms and data fusion in line with customer’s expectations and logistic market needs (camera, lidars, MEMS…);

  • Define the perception roadmap (components and algorithms) to increase the performance in a design to cost approach;

  • Develop and Improve deep-learning approach and object detection pipelines to improve the AI of the robots.


  • 7+ years in perception and computer vision algorithm

  • Strong skills on management of technical team

  • Leadership and problem solving oriented

  • Business oriented to adapt to customer demands

  • Robotics background and/or PhD in Computer Vision

  • Background on design and deployment of perception system for autonomous vehicles

  • Deep knowledge of suppliers network

  • Rigorous and passionate by the product

  • English totally fluent


Attractive – Dependent on profile and experience




Paris, France

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