Lead Designer in this start-up developing a technology using LiFi (Light Fidelity), an emerging wireless communication technology based on the flashlight of your smartphone.

Sector : Wireless technology

Organization : 10 – 30 employees

Ambitions : Becoming the leader of the smart access industry

Key facts : Our client has raised more than 2.5 million euros in less than 2 years. Their potential market can be counted in billions of dollars.


You will be responsible for elevating the customer’s experience across all platforms and devices. You will :

  • Help define the digital product’s vision and roadmap
  • Get to build meaningful products that fit their design principles: simple, human, secure.
  • Have an impact: your footprint will be all over the mobile apps, dashboard, customer space, website, and even a bit in the company’s strategy.
  • Work with Product Management to define the product strategy, the sales team to understand the user’s needs, and the tech team to release a top-notch product to the clients.


  • Research and define problems and goals through user research.
  • Create use flows, prototype solutions across platforms, and oversee the building process.
  • Update and improve our design system.
  • Work cross-functionally with the engineering, marketing and sales team to ensure a consistent and delightful experience though the whole user journey.
  • Give and solicit feedback from the whole team.

You will also be responsible for branding, communication and sales assets, and industrial design. We don’t necessarily expect you to do the work, but rather find and hire the right persons for each job.


  • +3 years of experience building and launching products
  • Be able to take an idea from concept to finished product
  • Demonstrate a clear process and highlight your achievements
  • Have a product design portfolio that demonstrates how you design to solve customer needs
  • Demonstrate great communication skills
  • Ability to rapidly ideate and produce multiple UX/UI concepts


  • Depending on profile and experience


  • ASAP


  • Paris, France

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