Product Designer for HRtech


Sector : HR Tech

Organization: Team of 70+

Core business : Work Marketplace

Ambitions :Disrupt access to temporary work with a strong social impact and become the market leader in 2020.

Key facts :Since its commercial launch, they experienced a strong traction in a variety of sector with over 60 large accounts closed, scale up growing with >100% MoM, raised +8M$ and went from 30 to 70 employees (mainly tech) in Q4 2018. They are on the path to become FR market leader & currently aiming to expand in Europe.


The product will be a key accelerator to boost additional growth and reach ambitious objectives for 2019. Product being at the core, they are looking for a leader to manage & structure the team (+4 people & growing) and build the product roadmap.


Working closely with the CEO, engineering team and marketing team – you will join a fast-paced environment with a position that is highly visible in the organization and necessarily very demanding. You will embody those standards and play a critical role in building the product and prioritizing the product roadmap. You will also have complete ownership (alongside with the exec team) in recruiting, structuring and aligning the product team with its key objectives.


You are a proven leader with outstanding track record leading technology and product teams to build amazing products ! The main prerequisite for this role is to have extensive experience in a marketplace product and strong knowledge of technological solutions to meet the challenges of S/D matching.


● Excellent academic background (Top engineering or business school)

● Fluent in English – If native, French is not necessary

● +8 years experience

● Experience in management (+10 people)

In terms of cultural fit :

● You want to contribute building something meaningful with major social impact

● You are able to think big and have demonstrated unreasonably high standards

● Entrepreneurial and open-minded spirit – you are action oriented and able to deliver outstanding results

● You are able to thrive in a fast-paced and demanding environment


Based on experience




Paris, France

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