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Find top talent with the balance of tech & human intuition

Between your ATS and job boards, lots of time is wasted with the wrong candidates. Not anymore!

What we do


Recruitment for strategic positions that have dramatic impact on your business (mid to c level, on average €60k to €300k)


We cover recently developed positions for the new economy (Product marketing, Head of User Experience, Scale up Sales ops…) and more traditional ones that come with stimulating challenges


EXCEPT: We don’t work with developers or engineers, but we do hire their leaders


Working with us

A – Talent Acquisition & Headhunting

Your current situation


Your recruitment need is 100% defined and your process is structured, but you don’t have the time or network to find the right candidate yourself 





 The result 


You receive hand picked candidates to free your time and scale to your team’s potential





B – Consulting

Your current situation


Your need is not fully defined, your current process hasn’t produced the results you wanted. You are a bit lost when it comes to recruitment strategy

The result 


The perfect operational Talent Acquisition Roadmap, adequate scorecards and underlying targets. Your team is trained with industry best practices so you never lose time

The Process

1st step

In person meeting to define your needs and strategy.

2nd step

Mission launched with outreach to our community & direct approach (headhunting) by in-house experts.

3rd step

Real time document provided so you are always up to date with our progress.

4th step

First short list (3 to 4 A-player candidates) sent. We prioritize quality over quantity. We meet every candidate in person and only present you with the very best.

Final step

We maintain a close business partnership until you find the perfect candidate.


I was so impressed and surprised by the level of accuracy in the people we met, the quality of candidates wasn’t just based on the traditional Grandes Écoles paradigm.

Rony Zibara – Partner, Head of F212 Europe

As a fast-growing startup, we needed a partner helping us in more than only headhunting, but also advising us on our talent acquisition strategy: High Flyers was the right partner to do so.

Alexandre Louisy – Cofounder & CEO

I was looking for a seasoned professional, a true talent, our future Head of Growth, a keystone of the Marketing Team. The result: A rare pearl. 

Anne-Cécile Galloy – VP Sales, Marketing & Communication


The benefits


A Nurtured talent community of A-players


Business partners to challenge your process, cognitive biases & wants


No more irrelevant CV scrolling


Operational backgrounds for a complete understanding of business challenges


Only see candidates that have been expertly

prescreened for you


Intuitive sourcing. You need a fit for culture, plus an external vision that sees things you miss

Let’s work together

We take your business seriously. Ready to level up your recruitment game?