I created my company 1,5 years ago. 6 months later, I hired 4 people. We are a start-up working for start-ups : we connect the best talents with the most promising companies.


We help companies hire amazing people for all roles and teams : product management, data science, marketing, sales, business development, operations, finance, recruiting, HR, and more.


Our daily mission is to find amazing talents for fast-growing companies.


“The thing is we need to identifiy candidates that comply with the start-ups DNA.”


“That’s not easy. Skills are not enough ; they also need to have the right motivation and potential.”


To find those amazing people, we use various tools :

• Networks
• Events
• Referrals through ambassadors
• Linkedin (not that efficient, I have to admit)


Recently, we started using a new tool : Shapr. And it changed our daily routine !


Shapr is « a networking app that brings you a personalized daily dose of inspiring people to meet ».


You tag your interests, location and profesional experience. And Shapr suggests 10 to 15 inspiring profiles each day. If those person seem interesting, you swipe right.


For the past 2 weeks, I have used it every morning while going to the office.


I have met 14 people. 1 per day (yes, even on Sunday). Each one of them was enthusiastic, inspiring, and easy going. 3 of them were not French, but Brazilian, American and English.


High Flyers Agency helped 4 of them to find a job in 3 different start-ups.


And we signed 2 new contracts to hire a Head of Sales and a CMO.


Now, everyone in the team uses Shapr. I’ll get back to you to give you additional KPIs in 2 weeks 😊


FYI : This article is based on pure intellectual interest, and not financial ones.



Eugénie Chaltiel

Founder & CEO | High Flyers Agency




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