#SoWhat? The one question to ask when thinking about your career



If you’ve been following us on social media over the past week, you’ll have noticed we’ve unveiled a brand new social identity. You may have particularly noticed our #SoWhat hashtag and video. Many of you are wondering – where did #SoWhat come from? Doesn’t it sound a little bold? We’ll explain.


#SoWhat was born because we do things a little differently. First and foremost, we are headhunters with a sharp eye for business opportunities, fast-growing companies, and human talent. Our team is composed of eleven women, but we are much more than just our gender. We have lived many professional lives – we’re former Lawyers, M&A Analysts, Marketing Experts, and Tech Sales Execs. We left our former careers to become Talent Hunters because we’re infinitely curious about people. Driven by human talent, we’re eager to have a direct, positive impact on our customers’ culture and revenue. 


We believe your previous job should not limit your future career.

With that in mind, we did not set boundaries for our members to be part of the High Flyers recruiting crew. A diverse team with multiple perspectives is a winning team, and we take the same pride and approach in our talent pool. #SoWhat if you don’t have an MBA before pursuing a senior position in a company? #SoWhat if you haven’t been in Tech before a sales role at a SaaS platform? #SoWhat if you’ve been working in a traditional industry for ten years? 


If you are the kind of person who is always chasing a goal, who believes this global, technological era is the best time to be alive, and who believes in the power of meaningful business relationships, then we want to help you become who you want to be.


Through #SoWhat, you’ll be hearing a lot about what is on our minds while we chase the best business partners and talents to work with. We’ll talk about our own experiences, the trends we love, the ideas we don’t love so much, and ultimately – we’ll talk about you. You are at the center of what we do everyday, so don’t hesitate to join the conversation along the way.

Here’s to #SoWhat, breaking the mold, and having fun!


The High Flyers Team


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