Top three content on getting hired remotely

For the past 45 days, we have been drinking coffee a lot, and mainly with you. 


We got used to chatting virtually, and we tackled interesting topics (anything but Covid-19 related please!). Some of those came from uncertainty, doubt, or curiosity, but mainly highlighted a shared problem that we could help solve.  



We fast-forwarded 10 years into remote work. 



While hiring has been slowing down, getting hired remotely is a challenge we can tackle together, as it will be the norm soon!


We selected three inspiring articles to help you navigate the challenge. Soon, we will dive more into remote onboarding and how strategic it is to lock your recruitments.


Let’s get down to it with a few inspiring articles  


👉 How to Get Hired Remotely 

Senior Business Roles like CPOs, CFOs, Artistic Director we deal with at High Flyers require managerial and leadership skills. Read more about our tips on how to nail your remote interviews!


👉The Unexpected Benefits of Hiring Remotely

Insightful feedback from Thibault Elzière, CEO at eFounders who experienced the full process of hiring product profiles (not only tech!).


 👉The remote onboarding playbook

While this is company-focused tips, it just gives you an understanding of how companies like 360 learning and Spendesk are getting ready to make it work. Keep in mind that a good onboarding comes from you as well!

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If you are curious, or just willing to chat with us, you can always book a virtual coffee 


Stay safe, 

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