You have been working in the corporate world for the past 5, 10 or 15 years.

Whether you took the small door or not, you definitely mastered your experiences.

You have built and shapened your area of expertise.


“Now, you have decided to take a step back on your carrier. What have you achieved ? What will be your next career move ?”


You want a new professional experience.

  • You want a new role, great career development opportunities and it has to be well compensated.
  • Finding “The perfect job” in France is more difficult than expected.
  • Nobody is waiting for you and the classical recruitment process has not improved yet.
  • You have to find companies able to trust you and bet on your potential.
  • Your main asset : you are multi-skilled, result driven, experienced, and passionate.
  • You solicited your network, but it is difficult to have a broader vision of your potential career moves. And head hunters keep on calling for similar positions.
  • And nobody seems to understand your hard/soft skills are transversal in various context.


F.A.Q. of overachievers


#1  You want to start a new exciting adventure

The reality > You are really attracted to the challenge of fast-growing companies. The problem is : they always need overskilled and multi-experienced profiles able to jump on diverse topics. You, on the other hand, evolved in the same structure for a few years and shapened a specific expertise.


HIGH FLYERS SOLUTION > To solve this difficulty, we convince these companies that they need to rely on people who have the specific knowledge.


#2  You do not know which job will suit you

The reality > You know what you are good at and it is not given to everyone.


HIGH FLYERS SOLUTION > We only offer opportunities in fast-growing companies, with attractive core businesses and a culture of challenge. It will precisely match your key competencies and personal ambition. It will come along with high responsabilities and a guarantee for a quick rise.


#3  You are too expensive for a company

The reality > It could be the price of your expertise but it also dpeends on your trackrecord, your previous experience and your competencies.


HIGH FLYERS SOLUTION > It is all about negotiation. We can provide advice and recommandations during your recruitment process. Our clients know High Potentials are expensive.



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