You worked for 3-5-8 years in a consulting firm.


Your goal was to gain top professional experience, but also insure a good label on your resume.

You provided strategic advice to top organizations and built up an important network.


“But you want to follow through on your strategic recommandations and be more operational. You feel the need to be apart of something.”


“Now you are wondering. What to do after consulting ? Should I continue ? Or should I enter a company ?”



To become principal/director/partner in 5/10/15 years… If you are able to achieve it.



To quit consulting and join a company.



To become an entrepreneur…
That is not the purpose of our agency but feel free to contact us. We can discuss about it.


Let’s talk about OPTION 2 >> Reality Check


Finding “The Perfect Job” is not that easy…

  • You were told that working in consulting would lead to positions with high responsabilities.
    Yet, those opportunities are rare : many are called but few are chosen.


  • Head hunters call you. That is boosting your ego. But they offer similar positions in other consulting firms or less exciting positions in other companies.


  • You end up looking on your own. But you are not finding anything suitable. You might have interviews for positions that meet your ambition. But they always tell you that experience and operational skills are missing.


Your problem : Consulting is supposed to be a launching pad for an exciting career, but the reality is tougher than expected. What to do?


F.A.Q. of consultants


#1 You do not know which job will suit you


The reality > You know what you want : an exciting job, with great perspectives, that gives you the opportunity to develop yourself quickly.


HIGH FLYERS SOLUTION >  We will offer you opportunities in fast-growing companies, with attractive core businesses and a culture of challenge. It will precisely match your key competencies and personal ambition. It will come along with high responsabilities and a guarantee for a quick rise.
Even if you do not know those positions, we bet that you will find them exciting !


#2 You do not have operational experience


The reality > That is true. But what you grew to achieve in consulting is an important added value. You are able to learn quickly, think fast and be operational promptly.


HIGH FLYERS SOLUTION > Our mission : to structure your profile in order to define your skills and convince the top management of your potential.


#3 You are too expensive for a company


The reality > Its depends on the company’s perspective.


HIGH FLYERS SOLUTION > We offer you those opportunities after 2 to 5 years of professional experience because at this point, you are not too expensive for a company yet.
However, it is possible that the recruiters offer you a lower fixed salary compensated by a high variable compensation.

Consider the fact that you will be part of an adventure with great perspectives, it is up to you to challenge your objectives.



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