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At HFA, our focus is on understanding a client's business and specific organizational needs. Discover our recruitment approach.

May 2, 2023

Understanding the business and the organization.

At HFA, we're not here "just" to take recruitment briefs.

I would even go as far as to say that we have little interest in doing that.

Our strength is understanding the business and the client's needs, whether they are expressed or not.

Depending on the vision of a manager, his or her BP, and the challenges at hand, we co-construct the target profile(s) to be recruited. Knowing that the real strength of a company lies in its team.

Our clients know this: they come to the meeting with a position to be filled, but they know that we will ask a lot of questions and challenge their organizations.

In the end, it doesn't matter what the job titles and bullet points are in a job description.

The key is to understand the required outputs, and the segmentations of responsibility perimeters within an organization.

Intellectual agility

We manage multiple customers, sectors, stages of development, and types of businesses. It changes all the time. We adapt intellectually. We analyze, we exchange, and we act accordingly.

This is the added value of High Flyers. We deal primarily with the organizational and business issues of our clients.

The consultant who has learned to become an expert on a subject in a few days will now be at ease.

The sales person who has learned to adapt to different issues, to verbalize and solve a customer’s need will be at ease.

Customer relations

The job of a recruiter is not technical.

It can be quickly learned with the right training.

In fact, we have created a complete training program within High Flyers, which has even become a full-fledged service: performance training, which we sell to founders and HR managers. It's been a huge success.

The most important thing is the ability to manage a customer relationship with an alter ego/business partner posture.

And this is learned with experience, either in a consulting or consultative selling dimension.

Talking with exciting people: top managers and top talent

Finally, recruitment (= finding the right candidate) is only the consequence of having understood what the client is looking for from a business and organizational point of view.

And therefore, as a consequence: talking about business topics with exciting people all day long, talent who tell us about their background which we tie with the needs of our clients.

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