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Your alumni may be future clients and brand ambassadors, so it's important to keep them close. SplendUp's Alumni Engagement platform helps you manage and nurture this connection.

the best advocates know you well.

The voluntary departure of an employee is often seen as a failure for a company. If you take the right steps, it can instead bring significant opportunities.

Consider the power of McKinsey's alumni network. Your former employees can become your best clients and brand promoters - if you manage to offer them the offboarding and engagement they deserve.

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The good news? You don't have to be McKinsey or Google to achieve it.

SplendUp's Alumni Engagement offering allows you to maintain a strong connection with all the alumni you want - and turn them into real ambassadors of your brand.

  • Our platform allows you to manage your pool of alumni and continue to grow engagement through invitation management, a dedicated space in our online community, etc.
  • We help you keep them engaged effectively through communications, regular events, and rewards - which can be customizeed with you based on our templates and event catalog.
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  • Offerings tailored to your company's needs
  • Quarterly communication and engagement opportunities
  • A platform that facilitates connection management with your company's alumni

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