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After nailing your offer, business model and sales approach, it's time to scale. To do that we provide a holistic approach to organizational design.

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01. When should a business look for help with organizational design?

  • After a company has cracked their offer, business model and sales function, they need to be set up for scalability. At this stage, what has worked previously is not guaranteed to work at a larger scale.

There are two steps:

  1. Financing this growth (inherently linked to a need for financing the Hiring Plan) through a fundraising or LBO.
  2. Operational performance to meet the objectives of the BP. To achieve this, leaders must ensure that their organization is "Flowless".

  • Our organizational design offer takes the form of a two day workshop.
  1. Day 1: review - we make it our mission to understand the current situation and future goals.
  2. Day 2: we create a personalized 2 year recruitment plan. After deployment, we stay by your side for up to four months.

  • Our two day workshop in organizational design delivers help by:

  1. identifying key profiles for recruitment
  2. identifying and establishing acquisition channels
  3. setting milestones along the way to ensure your goals are met
  4. focusing on developing your hiring plan, payroll procedure, and forecasted HR expenses


  • One WhatsApp away
  • 3 month long accompaniment to ensure organizational success
  • Direct contact with our General Manager and CEO for all issues and concerns

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