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people & performance consulting

After nailing your offer, business model, operations and sales approach, it's time to scale, (re)structure and optimize your organization to ease the speed of execution. To do that we provide a holistic approach to organizational design through structuring and implementing performance mechanics.

teams built for performance.

people & performance consulting

Our organizational design offer is an intense 2-day workshop.

Prior to that, we create a mini data room with documents prerequisites for a first deep analysis.

  • ‍Day 1 : we make it our mission to understand the current situation and your future goals. 1 full day to challenge your vision, strategy, governance, organization, performance management, department funnels and challenges according to your business plan and your long term objectives.
  • Day 2 : we design a strategic and operational growth plan.

Our 2-day workshop in organizational design helps by :

  • structuring and optimising your organization to make your business plan a reality
  • setting milestones along the way to ensure your goals are met at all levels
  • identifying key profiles for recruitment while focusing on developing your hiring plan, payroll procedure and forecasted HR expenses

We also offer additional tailor-made consulting programs  on spot topics such as Comp&Ben, Sales performance...

comex & codir assessment

Through our COMEX / CODIR Audit & Assessment we ensure that governance works effectively with the right people, identify the points for vigilance and improvement so that you can put in place the necessary change plans at the right time.

These COMEX / CODIR Audits & Assessments occur when Founders/Executive Leaders wish to strengthen their organization, take a step forward and achieve their objectives with a calm leadership posture.

The modus operandi is as follows, with a dedicated and tailor-made framework, depending on the challenges.

  • It includes “pro forma” the following elements :
  • Interview & Assessment with COMEX / CODIR members 1:1.
  • Interview with the Founders/Executive Leaders.
  • Analysis of governance bodies and reporting methods.
  • Audit of the allocation of scope of responsibilities according to the funnels (sales, ops, marketing, product, finance, etc.)
  • Audit of ownership on said perimeters.
  • Audit of intra-funnel performance mechanics
  • Profile complementarity audit & performance exposed by funnels
  • Analysis of friction points, improvement points, follow-up points.

Our strenghts

  • We deliver pragmatic recommandations with your team and budget “as is” for immediate impact
  • Implementation is key : in option, we can add a 3-month long accompaniment to ensure organizational success.
  • Direct contact with our Founder and CEO for all issues and concerns - One WhatsApp away

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