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Offboarding is one of the most difficult situations to navigate. Successfully navigating the offboarding process ensures a smooth transfer of responsibilities with minimal impact on the employer brand.

building connections to last a lifetime.

Poorly managed offboarding risks loss of knowledge, years of work going up in smoke, and may lead to a negative impact on the employer brand and business long-term.

With the Talent Offboarding Care program, we enable leaders to offer real support (concrete and proven) to employees affected by layoffs and minimize the people and business impact.

These difficult transitions are then transformed into a springboard of opportunities for affected employees and the company:

  • Talent is welcomed into the SplendUp community and can find a job that suits them in record time.
  • Leaders benefit from personalized support to better manage the situation, particularly in terms of internal communication.

Splendup Offboarding


  • Support during the transition period
  • Opportunities for personal development
  • Diffusion of candidature through our networks

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