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Permanent contracts are not always the best solution. Sometimes, your team may benefit from expert consultants or interim managers. Our Talent-On-Demand service provides you with a pool of profiles ready to deliver results.

the right people are your most important asset.


01. When to activate High Flyers on demand?

  • Interim hires - to fill the gap in between full time staff

Example: extending an offer to someone who has a minimum notice period of 6 months

  • Transition management - when there are issues at the general management level

Example: finetuning an ideal candidate profile

  • Change management - when there is a need for impact

Example: fundraising, go-to-market, organic growth

  • Our on demand expertise covers four main areas:

       1. Finance

       2. Sales and CRO

       3. General management

      4. Compensation and benefits

  • Our talent pool has been manually vetted by the High Flyers team
  • Each has passed our vetting process and Transition Managers have worked as DG, DAF or other N or N-1 roles.


  • Seasoned experts in the following areas: sales & CRO, finance, general management, compensation & benefits
  • A dedicated manager that accompanies and ensures mission success
  • An internal network of ambassadors who recommend top talent

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