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Here’s our Manifesto. It’s what we’ve learned and what drives the High Flyers community! 

Importance of talent and diversity

A company’s greatest asset is people. Employees make or break a business. We can’t just check boxes, since talent is expressed differently in every person and may not look like you’d expect.

The connection economy

Act local and think global. Always look outward and how we can impact our world for the better. As Seth Godin says, we should always leave behind trails of interactions we can be proud of.

Human purpose and potential

As humans, we are at our best when we are working outside of our own self interest. True purpose doesn’t include ego. Aristotle got it right with the golden mean- if the bar is set too high, we’re never happy, but if the bar is set too low, we’ll be left unfulfilled. 

Open/growth mindset

Our world moves too fast to stop learning and growing. Stay open to criticism and never stop talking about ideas.

Discipline and hard work over passion

Anyone can have passion, but few people are consistent and push through the pain long enough to actually gain.


Agility is key to progress in both humans and organizations. Work environments should work for humans, not the other way around.

Instinct + intellect

Truly seeing people without cognitive bias must be balanced with human intuition. Follow your gut, but check yourself along the way.

Team Players

No one gets to the top alone. True leaders care, connect through vulnerability and build up those around them.

There is no formula for Success

We can no longer follow the traditional, confining paths to find true success in life and work. Trailblazers find their own path and create their own definition of success.